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Stupid Simple Sales Call Script for Green Peas

September 29, 2011

While visiting one of my dealerships I started to hear the phone ring six, seven, eight times without an answer… and I thought, this is a huge problem! So I started to investigate in their phone-up process, and came to find out they were getting so many phone-ups the receptionist was having a hard time […]

How To Add A YouTube Profile Widget On WordPress

September 7, 2011

{ How To Add A YouTube Profile Widget On WordPress — this is a simple how-to video for anyone looking to add a profile widget for their youtube account on their wordpress blog. You’ll need a wordpress blog for this how-to, as well as a youtube account. Take a look at my other videos on […]

How To Install WordPress Fast on Dreamhost web account

July 21, 2011

WordPress is THE tool of choice for anybody who’s anybody in the world of the internet! Over 12% of websites created online use wordpress (that’s a high statistic in case you were wondering) since HTML is fast and easy to program. WordPress is SO much more than a blog, too. I rarely use WordPress as […]

How To Sign Up for Dreamhost Hosting Account

July 21, 2011

Get Dreamhost hosting for your wordpress blog, picture gallery, ftp file sharing, video streaming, hosting media, etc etc. Dreamhost is cheap and SUPER reliable! I had another company before and they not only totally boned me while I was running a big campaign, they wouldn’t make it right! I was with them for almost seven […]

3 Steps To Producing A Cash Sucking Marketing Plan

June 19, 2011

These are lessons I’ve learned throughout the years, and I finally put my formula down on my white board. I love my white boards! Anyways, this is a brief overview and I go over more with my team members. http://meetwilliambryant.com Watch as I explain how to create a cash sucking lead generating siphon for pennies! […]

Create Professional Headlines & Buy Now Buttons For Free

May 15, 2011

So today I’m going to give up one of my secrets. But this is literally the easiest and fastest way to create professional looking headlines like you see on the gurus sales pages. You don’t even have to know Photoshop or any other graphics program! It’s a free app you can use right on the […]

How To Kill Ask.com In FireFox 4

April 19, 2011

The most annoying thing in the world has been happening lately, and when it’s happening to me I typically figure other people are having problems with it as well. So I decided to post the fix here. That is, when I type some keywords in the address bar with Firefox (using ver. 4), lately it […]

Google Changes Adwords Ad Strategy

February 8, 2011

Google is looking to deepen their taken on ads from just link ads, to leads. I personally think this is amazing and is really going to change a lot! Right now they are picking out certain industries, having just had a roundtable with car dealers at the NADA convention this week. Here’s more about it […]

Who Owns The Media?

January 16, 2011

You might find this very interesting… I did! Who owns the media? That’s to say newspapers, radio, TV, those who give us the news supposedly from an independent point of view? Well if you didn’t know already, most of it’s owned by General Electric. That’s right! http://www.stateofthemedia.org/2010/media-ownership/dashboard.php So with that said, who owns General Electric? […]

Will The Fed Survive Ron Paul?

December 29, 2010

Ron Paul recently gave an interview to a reporter from Fortune magazine. The headline of the story reads, “Will the Fed be able to survive Ron Paul?” Ron Paul used to be considered an extremist whose views were so far out on the fringe that nobody took him seriously. There is a little bit of […]