Create Professional Headlines & Buy Now Buttons For Free

May 15th, 201110:10 pm @


So today I’m going to give up one of my secrets. But this is literally the easiest and fastest way to create professional looking headlines like you see on the gurus sales pages. You don’t even have to know Photoshop or any other graphics program! It’s a free app you can use right on the web. Here’s an example of some of the graphics I have made and used, notice the impact and how professional it looks on this sales page! –

So what kind of graphics can you make?

You can make headlines, buy now buttons (what they call belcher buttons), add to cart buttons, or guarantee labels.  You can customize their appearance and add all your own text! It looks pretty darn awesome.

But I not only want to give you this link, but there’s something else AMAZING I ran across while looking for this again. It’s an action script that will automatically turn whatever graphic you want into an ebook! Yes, and it comes with some examples you can tweak as well to create stunning very professional ebook covers.

**AND** I want to give you some free minisite templates and graphics that you can totally customize and turn into whatever super professional looking sales page  or squeeze page you want for FREE!

THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED to have a product and sales page graphics up and running in NO TIME!

There’s no cost, just opt-in to my newsletter (which I update sparingly) and I’ll send you to the secret page with all the links. I really believe this will be super beneficial to you all as it was to me! So just use the form below to get all the downloads and links I mentioned above, and you’ll be rocking and rolling with your very own super-professional looking sales pages in no time!