Books I Recommend

Drivetime: Finding A Way Home

This book is by my friend and co-worker Tony Ziegler. It’s not specifically for auto biz people, although it doesn’t specifically say it in the book the story surrounds Tony’s real life experience while working at a car dealership. Tony is very successful in this business. But this book is a more personal look at the story going on outside the business. A good read.



Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

When I first started selling cars, this book by Jeffrey Gitomer motivated me to want to be better at sales in ways that I didn’t realize. I still cherish this book on my shelf as one of my favorites. It’s a quick and easy read; then again, it’s more of a reference once you’ve read it in how to stay positive and to be successful in whatever you are selling.

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