How To Sign Up for Dreamhost Hosting Account

July 21st, 20114:23 am @


Get Dreamhost hosting for your wordpress blog, picture gallery, ftp file sharing, video streaming, hosting media, etc etc. Dreamhost is cheap and SUPER reliable! I had another company before and they not only totally boned me while I was running a big campaign, they wouldn’t make it right! I was with them for almost seven years and spent TONS of money with them. The thanks I got? Their servers crashed (NOT a good sign of a hosting company!!!!!!) and they admitted the problem, but would not take care of me the loyal customer. BULL $%^&!

So now I am with a REAL hosting company, called Dreamhost. They are the real deal. They have been around a along time, have a real control panel full of options for every aspect of your account. CPanel is for lazy hosting companies. Dreamhost went the extra mile and designed one that is meant for serious people who want to maximize their potential online. And, Dreamhost can grow as you grow. Bluehost cant!

So go with dreamhost. Use my special link to save $50 off your yearly hosting account!

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William Bryant
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