Stupid Simple Sales Call Script for Green Peas

September 29th, 20112:40 am @


While visiting one of my dealerships I started to hear the phone ring six, seven, eight times without an answer… and I thought, this is a huge problem! So I started to investigate in their phone-up process, and came to find out they were getting so many phone-ups the receptionist was having a hard time keeping up between that and service calls. So, like a lot of stores, the overflow of sales calls would go to a manager. But what about when that manager wasn’t available? It goes to a team leader. And what then? One of the salespeople picks it up.

Well, this happened a lot in the week I was there. And it really tore my nerves up. I could just hear the money falling out of this gaping hole in the dealer’s pocket. So the managers couldn’t answer all the phone-ups — understandable, I know a lot of stores try to have the managers handle them all but, let’s face it, reality is they can’t. So a salesperson has to handle it. But what happens when you have a floor full of green peas????

That was this dealer’s problem, but he couldn’t just not answer the phone! So I came up with this very simple (it was actually REALLY hard for me to make it THIS simple and dumbed down) that even your greenest of green peas can handle. And if they can’t…. fire them now before you’ve invested too much time in them. If they can’t answer the phone, use a killer simple three question script to get a name and number (something any $8/hr receptionist can do), they won’t be worth much to you or them in the long-run.

But, as I say in the video, I made this up on the fly so if you have critiques, don’t be shy! Let me know in the comments.