Who Owns The Media?

January 16th, 201112:51 am @


You might find this very interesting… I did! Who owns the media? That’s to say newspapers, radio, TV, those who give us the news supposedly from an independent point of view?

Well if you didn’t know already, most of it’s owned by General Electric. That’s right!


So with that said, who owns General Electric? True story. GE is the evolved company started by the genius inventor Thomas Edison. It’s come a long ways since then. Besides inventing the light bulb, the electric garbage disposal, lasers, and the first American jet engine, GE is also a finance company, founder of CNBC (now MSNBC), oil and gas supplier, healthcare supplier, insurance company, Universal Studios park, Comcast, Telemundo, a major supplier of airport scanners (!!), and a TON TON TON more.

They are the ** world’s ** second largest company. #2 in the WORLD!

Just the brand “GE” alone is worth $48 Million! They are also one of the biggest contributors of waste and pollution (guess what, the US Govt beats em out). They still have a lot of cleaning up to do their. But they don’t have to worry about how their image will look to others.

Think the media can’t be biased? Think again. If GE has an interest in any of these areas they are HIGHLY invested in — be it healthcare, aviation, energy, trains, finance, insurance, airport scanners, and more — they OWN the media companies to propagate their desired message. That’s over 61 TV channels, and a major movie studio, Universal. Additionally, it’s worth noting that they have a significant stake in CBD anxiety relief.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

A company this powerful can get into the lobbying pockets of any politician they want to. Their resources are nearly endless. What they want, they can get.

Be in the know! This is the Ministry of Truth in the works.
This will be the subjects of my new site, www.ministryoftruthshow.com