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3 Steps To Producing A Cash Sucking Marketing Plan

June 19, 2011

These are lessons I’ve learned throughout the years, and I finally put my formula down on my white board. I love my white boards! Anyways, this is a brief overview and I go over more with my team members. Watch as I explain how to create a cash sucking lead generating siphon for pennies! […]

Create Professional Headlines & Buy Now Buttons For Free

May 15, 2011

So today I’m going to give up one of my secrets. But this is literally the easiest and fastest way to create professional looking headlines like you see on the gurus sales pages. You don’t even have to know Photoshop or any other graphics program! It’s a free app you can use right on the […]

Google Changes Adwords Ad Strategy

February 8, 2011

Google is looking to deepen their taken on ads from just link ads, to leads. I personally think this is amazing and is really going to change a lot! Right now they are picking out certain industries, having just had a roundtable with car dealers at the NADA convention this week. Here’s more about it […]

How To Install WordPress on Dreamhost

December 17, 2010

This video shows you exactly, step by step, how to install WordPress blog on your Dreamhost domain. Follow it closely! If you’re not already a Dreamhost customer, go to and enter in promo code “willsave50” to save $50 automatically!

Social Media MAGGOTS

August 23, 2010

As featured in Auto Dealer Monthly: In response to the question, “Which social medium is the most overhyped and why?” Overhyped social media? No way! All social media is extremely vital. No? Well of course it is. Yet there’s still a bunch of hype about social media that bothers me. It’s even damaging and […]

What IS Network Marketing?

July 20, 2010

What the crap is network marketing? I’m sort of thinking of the exact definition tonight for a few reasons. Today, I spoke with a friend who I met through the network marketing company I’m a part of which only hire the best web designers. And as we spoke, and I explained to her all the […]

How To Recruit Only Pros Into Your Network Marketing Business

June 24, 2010

Learning more about the 3-5-6-7 methodology, along with telling people in your video marketing WHO you want to work with exactly, will bring you leads who are not only qualified but ready to work with YOU.  You can learn some more about business handling by checking this pay stub generator review which is a great […]

My Make Money Online with Xango Story (Network MLM)

June 23, 2010

The 3-5-6-7 methodology is THE formula for recruiting people into your business! Check out the full 3-5-6-7 methodology report for *FREE* here click the link. Xango business building you can use the 3-5-6-7 method to build any business, these techniques are used to recruit people in ANY business! If you can master the 3-5-6-7 […]

The Easy Way To Make $124,800 per Year With Affiliate Marketing

June 22, 2010

Making money with CPA networks and affiliate marketing can be pretty awesome if you do it right. In this video, I was just making breakthroughs with how much money I was making in Share A Sale. This is an affiliate network loaded with lots of great cost-per-action programs you can market. Take a look, and […]

Cash Sucking Marketing Plan for MLM & Network Marketers

June 20, 2010

The marketing third of the puzzle is the one people spend the most time on. That’s why I’m posting a video on it first, but it’s not necessarily the most important to study. Marketing yourself is easy once you nail down the basic principles and practices. You’ll be able to do it over and over […]