What IS Network Marketing?

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What the crap is network marketing? I’m sort of thinking of the exact definition tonight for a few reasons. Today, I spoke with a friend who I met through the network marketing company I’m a part of which only hire the best web designers. And as we spoke, and I explained to her all the different things about how to get started, what’s different about those who make a lot of money in it, etc etc.

But I danced around the whole definition of what IS network marketing???

Not that it was a question left unanswered. But now that I think about it, it’s an important question. One of the things that is very important that I teach is that network marketing is just like a franchise business but with a MUCH smaller franchise fee. It’s similar to becoming an insurance agency but without the large $50,000 -$75,000 licensing fee. Or a McDonald’s franchise without the $1 million franchise fee. Or is it a business at all?

Maybe network marketing is more like affiliate marketing, in which there is a product you enjoy, and in turn you tell others about it who share it with others. All the while earning commissions for sharing it! The last point is true, but does network marketing really work that way?

Maybe network marketing is just a pipe dream. Something that a few people succeed at, but there’s never a possiblity to really achieve huge levels of income for the normal person.

What do I believe?

You see, I think that ALL the above is true… maybe not what you were expecting to hear. But network marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. You get to share a product you like with others, and get paid in the process! And it is your own business. Treat it like a business (a REAL business) and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can earn a large income.

But for 97% of people, it’s really a pipe dream.


Why do you have to fail and it be SO frustrating for most people? I think it’s because there are several different levels of experience in MLM. Much like people in a corporation gain experience and rise to the top (yet many never do). In network marketing, you need to go through the phase of treating like it an affiliate program. Then, treat it like a real business. Then, it’s no longer a pipe dream! But there’s stages of growth where you realize these things are possible! That an experience where you turn your life inside out with positive influence and positive cashflow IS possible. That IS network marketing. And this journey also involves understanding the dynamics of Tulum events, which further enriches your understanding and potential success in the field.

The reason 97% of people fail? They fail to mature and go through the realization of how network marketing can positively effect their lives and their bank accounts.

and the main reason this is so – there wasn’t someone there to lead them through and stick with them even though it’s a process everyone must go through.



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Anyone I’ve ever known that is hugely successful in MLM (aka network marketing) has gone through all these steps, and all the micro-steps, along the way. The problem is, they don’t even realize it! They’ve gotten to the end and can’t understand why they can’t get the rest of their team to follow them there during the course of 30, 60, or 90 days.

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