Process Best Practices For Your Automotive CRM Tool

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Wrote this for a client, and I’m sharing it with your for free… This make it easier to search, like can’t beat free… not even with a stick!

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My advice is as follows:

Showroom customer:

Every customer is different as we all know but if they are unsold, there should be a day of eBrochure sent out with an email thanking the customer for the opportunity. This is akin to the old-school method of leaving a VM on the customer’s home phone so it would be there by the time they got back home from the dealership. Except the eBrochure is track-able, and way more potent!

Next, a manager followup should be made the next day. This is preferable to be the manager who desked the deal since he’s familiar with it. Make the customer feel important.

Since we know the 72-hr hot window for a customer is true now more than ever, the salesman should make at least one attempt the morning and afternoon after. Make that next day phone call perpetual “buy or die” and stick another email/letter task in the third day. And let the call center hit them with our 8 attempts to cover all the bases.

In a workflow in the tool, it would look like this:

Showroom UP -> Day 1 eBrochure task / Day 2 salesman call / Day 2 MGR Call / Day 3 salesman email / perpetual phone call

Phone-up Customer:

We need the appointment, first and foremost. A manager TO is just as important but we don’t want to crowd the customer as they haven’t visited the store yet, so my best stores do something like the following:

Phone ups come in, receptionist logs the call and has sales call the receptionist to receive the phone up. She notes who took the call and if the phone up doesn’t get logged soon, she logs it under source “receptionist.” The (other) stores currently do this to ensure all ups get logged. Log more, sell more!

After the up is logged, schedule the salesman a perpetual phone call with a manager T.O. on the 3rd day so a manager can make sure the salesman has done their job, and to jump in and give authority to get an appointment. Manager must ask for the appointment with authority!

The workflow would look like this in the tool:

Phone UP -> Day 1 salesman phone call / Day 3 manager T.O. phone call


The bottom line to this is confirming the appointments, all the appointments, by a manager. We get 100% T.O.s, 100% confirmed appointments, and we sell more cars. Confirm the appointment by clicking the checkbox next to the appointment on the desklog every morning. Do it in the morning for the day of. My best stores do it without fail and would have it no other way.


William Bryant | National Trainer