Funny Story of Annoying Old People

March 2nd, 20125:04 am @


Not too many things get on my nerves but I’m weird where little things drive me up the wall. Like a squeak or rattle in the car, I can’t keep going until I find it and stop it. So get this: yesterday I’m sitting in Panera minding my own business for which we recommend this amazing paycheck stubs tool. This guy sits behind me and I keep hearing him clear his throat like “ugm hemm” over and over and over and over again until I finally think to myself “I’m gonna have to turn around and slap this old man.” I figure that’s a bad idea so I just leave. Well today, I go to the same Panera but I sit in a different spot, over in the corner away from anyone. Well guess who walks in 10 minutes later and is now sitting beside me? The same guy! And the same “ugm hemm” over and over and over and over again. And when he sits down, apparantly the chair just doesn’t do it for him so he goes and sits in each seat around me, testing them all out. He finally finds one that fits and has to play musical chairs to get that chair (which is exactly the same as all the other chairs) right beside good ‘ol me, going “ugm hemm” the whole time. And I think it’s a disease because now I find myself wanting to clear my throat! This is how people end up in the insane asylum….


it’s a conspiracy

he could have Tourettes…might be his tic…although the chair thing is just a bit much lol

LOL…I feel your pain.

Lol, you should move and glare at him. Maybe he would get the hint

ME: I’m not so sure. It’s 85 degrees outside and he’s wearing boots, wool socks, long sleeve shirt, and an insulated coat.

I agree… if u can’t beat hiim, join him… start clearing ur throat louder & more abnoxious than he & see what he does then! I would pay $$ to come watch that episode! 🙂

ME: I think it would be funnier if I just started farting lol

There ya go! But make it the quiet silent ones right next to him… those are the smelliest!

ME: Oh, and he has a sweater on too! How weird… Now i’m about to pop some old lady in the mouth, she’s mouthing off very rudely to me about how gross it is that I just sneezed. She’s 15 feet away from me! She just went on and on oh my goodness this is weird, people never bother me like this.

it’s a conspiracy I tell you

ME: I’m starting to think you’re right!

Go hand her ur tissue u just used after sneezing & ask her if that is more sanitary than the sneeze (which I’m sure u covered ur mouth)? I don’t deal well w/ RUDE ppl… I get rude back! No sense in the old ppl thinking just bc they get a Senior Citizen discount that they run the show & can say & do whatever they want! No, I’m not a sassy lil b*tch, but I do let them know they can be just as disrespectful to ppl as some of these loud mouth teenagers out here!

ME: When other people sneeze I always say bless you 🙂

Kill ’em with kindness William!!!

Tell them to have a good day!!

each time the guy clears his throat, say “thank you” or clap in admiration.

LoL I like that idea!

ME: Michael I should have gotten that one sooner, would be hilarious!

Too funny! I can relate… noises drive me nuts too! How about when someone sits near you and clicks their pen over & over or taps it on the table on & on & on!?!?! All I can think about is how I want to get up & take it right out of their hand & slam-dunk it into a garbage can!!!