How To Haggle For Your Next Vehicle… ?

October 13th, 20103:57 am @


This video from ABC may disturb me simply because I work in the retail automotive industry. Or maybe it’s how smug they act throughout the process… but either way, ABC released a special on how to haggle for cars and it really caught my attention.

Now, I do have to say some of their tips are helpful. It’s mainly the way they go about the whole process that bothers me. And when buying a vehicle, you have to realize it’s a really emotional process all the way around, for both parties involved. You’re going to be emotionally tied to the vehicle. The dealer is emotionally tied to making a profit (it does keep him in business and the local economy afloat). And both are emotionally tied to making a positive outcome. These are all things we need to think about! Not just focused solely on what our emotions are tied to. I’ve seen way too many people leave using these very tactics, only to regret doing so because the vehicle they wanted was sold and could not be found elsewhere. So I say, be VERY careful when using these tactics! Car buying should be a friendly process. It’s never easy or quick (forget about it!). Instead, you need to make sure you’re dealing with a dealer who cares about your end of the emotional bargain hunt.

At my store, we use pricing transparency and show you what all the retail guides like KBB, NADA, and Edmunds say — right up front! This makes the process transparent. And while we have to make a profit at the end of the day to stay in business and pay the employees,  we couldn’t do so and take $3,500 off the asking price like in the video. Sounds to me like someone started way too high to being with.

All in all, the internet allows you to do what was shown in the video WITHOUT going store to store, wasting a bunch of time, and embarrassing yourself by walking out on a great deal just because ABC says you should. Doing research online can show you all the great deals at once and let you pick out the best one for you! So why would ABC show you the old-fashioned way of buying cars? I guess they really just don’t know any better.

Think about it. The first store they went to, the dealer really wanted to sell them an Odyssey. Their response — we don’t want one. That’s basically what they said, “Not right now.” How would you react were you the dealer? Would you give a better deal than you had already (I don’t even think they had gotten a real offer yet)? NO! Think about it… you’re saying I really want to buy an Odyssey one minute, then the next you’re obviously saying we don’t like the Odyssey and there’s nothing you can do to help us buy one. Okay. Buh-bye, let me quit wasting MY time with someone who’s not interested. If you’re not interested, I have some customer emails from people who are interested but prefer to engage in a less confrontational way.

Think about it. You’re a salesperson. You just gave someone a killer deal on a used Odyssey because you have a family to feed. In the middle of going to your boss to see if you can help them out and sweeten the pot just a little more for them, they LEAVE! Rude much? How would you feel about the buyers? They must be crazy, rude, or I must have farted on them. Because that’s just ridiculous. And this is how ABC wants you to buy a car.

My internet shopping techniques have been proven to dumbfound’s own researchers. They even wrote an article about it a couple years ago (I just can’t find it right now…).

Bah… it’s really silly actually. If you want to learn how to REALLY get a great deal and have a pleasant car buying experience (ABC’s version DID NOT look pleasant!!!!) then just ask in the comments below!