Black Friday 2010 Deals & Sales

November 23rd, 20104:54 pm @


I never really do a lot of shopping on “Black Friday” because of the lines. Well, mainly it’s because one year I got up realllly early to catch a deal on a laptop at Best Buy. They had half off these special HP laptops and I wanted one bad! But when I got there, they had ran out of “coupons” that allow you to buy the laptop, and the line was all the way around the building (and Best Buy is NOT small) nearly back to the front. I thought, this is crazy! If you get there and wait for HOURS, if you’re early enough, you might get a deal on one item. Everything else will be on sale all day.

So since then, I’ve found the online Black Friday deals usually are about as good, only without the lines and waking up before the rooster crows. But this year I’ve seen a few specials on LCD TV’s and I’m wondering if it’s worth the horror of shopping on Black Friday? A 40” flat panel for $299?

I’ll let you decide, but here’s just some of the Black Friday deals I’ve run across. What kind of shopping do you plan to do for the day after Thanksgiving?

Yahoo! 2010 Black Friday Buyer’s Guide