6 Google Chrome Extensions for SEO Guys

December 10th, 20096:26 am @


Google just released the availability of extensions for the Chrome browser, hallelujah! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting on this. The functionality of extensions like found in Firefox, with the amazing speed and slim lines of Google Chrome.

The extensions I’ve been really missing from Firefox are the SEO addons that make searching and optimizing your sites easier. I will sometimes go back to Firefox just for these. But I really love Chrome and find myself going right back to it.

So, I came up with my list of the top 6 Google Chrome SEO extensions, in no particular order. To be honest, there aren’t many yet!

  1. META SEO inspector – This is one of my favorite right now. On every page you enter it inspects the viability of that page. The developer claims it is still being vastly developed, and I hope so. Because it’s a very promising extension!

This extension is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the description tag of their site to follow the Webmasters’ Google Guidelines, SEO, or even to who is curious about page contents that are usually not visible, but can reveal interesting site properties.

  1. Xmarks Search Tabs – This one enhances the your search results page by bringing up related searches in tabs on the Google results page. Very cool! It will give you an idea of how to broaden your search terms.
  2. Kuber Pagerank Checker – Everyone wants a pagerank tool in their toolbar. This one will tell you the Google PR, plus the Alexa ranking, links in, and allow you a quick whois link. Very useful.
  3. GooglePreview – A simple tool, does just as its name says. It gives you that ever-fun thumbnail preview of the web page in your Google search results. I’ve never really figured out why this is helpful, but it sure is cool!
  4. Chrome SEO – This one looks promising for the future. For now, it allows you one-click easy access to every day SEO sites. The Google Chrome SEO extension provides easy access toSearch Engine Optimization Tools that can help you with Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Checks and other daily SEO tasks.
  5. Intersect – A little more social media than SEO, but Twitter does have an effect on our daily lives. This is a really cool tool that will tell you, on other people’s Twitter profiles, what friends you have in common!

Chrome extensions still have a little ways to go yet as far as development of some solid SEO and webmaster extensions like Firefox has now. I’d really love to see SEO Book make a Chrome version of their extension. But this is enough to wet my appetite for now!

Go Chrome!