What’s Your Twitter Spam Score?

August 22nd, 20095:59 am @


If you’ve been on Twitter lately then you’ve definitely noticed the number of spammers that are starting to show up. It’s starting to look like my email inbox! So I went looking for a way to find out who’s a spammer and who’s not, because with just over 5,000 followers and following, and spammers getting smarter, it’s harder to tell.

So I went to Google, of course, and came up with a story on Mashable about TweetBlocker. Now this sounds interesting.

They take Twitter profiles and give them a grade based on how long the profile’s been around, the ratio of followers to following, and if they’ve been reported as spammers. Makes a great one-location to keep up with this stuff!

My score for my profile was A+, so I’m no spammer. I did notice that some of my real-life friends who aren’t spammers had low scores, despite being long-time twitter users. So it’s not 100%. Which is why they have grades from A – F.

It allows you to unfollow and block everyone based on their certain grade (or you can pick individuals), which I promptly did with everyone who was rated a D or an F. The C grades were hard to distinguish, so I left them as-is.

Tell me what you think and how it works for you! And what’s your spammer score?